Legends and myths

Legends and myths taken from the site of the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo- http://visitmalkotarnovo.net/


Centuries ago at the chapel of Holy Trinity was a monastery with monks. Frighten by a large Turkish horde monks take cover in the left of the cave passage. The cave had two passages, but not everyone knows that if you go on the left, you can`t return back. The right passage was more shallow and their usually went women to pray. Monks entered the left passage, but it has collapsed and they were buried alive. That night one of the princes of Gramatikovo dreamed that monks are in trouble. In the morning the whole village gathered and began to dig, but in the right passage. The monks were not found but during the night another man have dreamed how they calling out for help, but this time the voice revealed that they were in the left passage. The next day they really found them barely alive.

GRAND Ayazmo

Great spring is located in the area Vlahov Dol Dol called Yazmenski, in which runs the flow of Veleka. On the northwestern coast of the gorge are  the five villages of  fire dancers in Strandja - Bulgari, Kosti Gramatikovo,Kondolovo and Slivarovo. Inhabitants gather at this place on the Sunday before panagiri St. Constantine and Elena .*
Strandzha believe that the square in big spring is sacred for those who wants to enter the fire, because there have played the first fire-dancers. Just in this small place grandma Zlata - the last of the legendary fire-dancers in Strandja also for the first time enter into the fire.
In 2005 the fare of fire villages was restored after nearly 60 year break.
The place is reachable on marked routes from each of the five villages.
* Day St. Constantine and Elena as a fire festival is celebrated in the village of Bulgari is always on 3 June, old style.


Omfalat (from the town omphalos - the navel) is widespread in the Old World and symbolizes the birthplace of the universe, respectively. Creation of the world. The most famous "navel of the world is that the temple of Apollo at Delphi - a hewn rock fragment in the shape of a beehive and implied by the surface knit network that is perceived as an imaginary center of the world as a liaison between the underworld, earth and upper world. As a "navel" of the sky thought the North Star, around which orbit other seemingly fixed stars.
In the most general sense means navel or omfal stone stopper channel connecting the universal levels, and thus incorporates elements of shamanism, cult rock and belief in a "Mother-Earth."





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