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Синеморец,Sinemorets,Sinemorec,sinemoretz Ландшафт

The landscape on the shores around Sinemorets is unique. Anyone who wishes can enjoy the incredible rock formations shaped by sea, and perhaps man-made, millennia ago. Many rocks, which resemble the human body, you can see when you walk from the beach at the mouth of Veleka to beach Silistar. Beach "Veleka River mouth" is the only one on the Balkans Firth. The river makes it`s way through the sandy hair of the beach, painting an unforgettable sight. Continuing on the rocks to the southeast will pass through the fishing wharf "St. Yani" and shortly after it is situated  place "Korabite". Legend says that there shipwrecked  old and useless ships. Beach Butamyata is the central and the only guarded beach near the village of Sinemorets. The road is passable for everyone to the beach "Lipite`.After it continues along goat paths to place Canyon and third beach of Sinemorets - Liszti. Then it enters into the forest until you take to the beach Silistar, which is about 7-8km. away of Sinemorets. The path is not marked and it is difficult to pass in several places after beach "Lipite" , so inexperienced should not take the risk! There is also no water fountains or wells on the road.

The road is marked with a red line!





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